Pediatric Hematology receives Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Center Certification

Bursa Uludag University Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Hematology received the Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Center Certificate' from the European Hemophilia Consortium and the European Hemophilia and Acquired Diseases Association.

More than one hundred patients with hemophilia and more than one hundred and fifty patients with other hereditary bleeding disorders are followed up at the Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Center and their acute bleeding, chronic joint problems, acute and elective surgical procedures and hemophilia patients with inhibitors are successfully managed. Regular face-to-face educational meetings and patient camps are held with patients, and drug administration and self-infusion trainings are provided. Pharmacokinetics are analyzed and the most appropriate treatment scheme is organized for the patients.

Regular factor measurements, inhibitor measurements, inhibitor scans and platelet function tests are performed for patients in Bursa and its surroundings. In addition to circumcision, tooth extractions, intra-articular treatments; complicated procedures such as scoliosis, pregnancy / childbirth, open heart surgery, brain surgeries are performed, and factor measurements are made in coordination with our Hematology Laboratories for better treatment of our patients and surgeries are performed safely.

In the joint councils organized in our Care Center, patients are evaluated together with our experienced professors from the departments of adult and pediatric orthopedics, radiology, sports medicine and physical therapy.

We would like to congratulate the faculty members of the Department of Pediatric Hematology, Prof. Dr. Zehra Serdar, Hematology Laboratory Supervisor, technicians, clinical head nurse, nurses and other healthcare professionals who contributed to the Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Center Certificate and wish them continued success.