What are the Responsibilities of the Patient?

BUU-SUAM provides you with the rights described below. Our paramedics and other staff are aware of your rights and will treat you with respect.

Your rights:
At BUU-SUAM, you will receive the best possible treatment and service. Here you as a patient;
- Receiving a reputable service,
- To request that all information about your illness, treatment and the service you receive during your hospitalisation remain confidential,
- To learn the doctor and allied health personnel responsible for your treatment,
- To make a request for information about your situation and to access it in a way that you can understand,
- Participate in decisions about your treatment,
- To exercise the right to refuse and/or stop treatment at any time,
- Access to all information in your patient file,
- If you have pain, you can have a say in treatment initiatives to relieve it,
- Expect respect for your cultural, religious beliefs and spirituality,
- To accept or refuse to participate in clinical trials and/or scientific research,
- Review your invoice and ask for an explanation for any problems you have with it,
- To express your concerns or complaints about your experiences as a patient or your concerns about the clinic/hospital management and health personnel during the time you receive service at BUU-SUAM,
- You have the right to get answers to your complaints and questions by applying to the Patient Rights and Public Relations Unit in person or by filling out the Complaint and Wish Forms for BUU-SUAM Hospital Operation in the Satisfaction, Wish and Complaint Boxes in the hospital.
- For suggestions and complaints suam@uludag.edu.tr adresinden bize ulaşabilirsiniz.
- You have the right to audio and visual privacy at BUU-SUAM.

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