Earthquake and Turquoise Code Drill was held in our hospital

An earthquake drill was carried out in our hospital within the scope of the Disaster Plan. In the drill, the applicability and adequacy of the earthquake and external mass injury (Turquoise Code) event plans that may occur after the earthquake were tested.

In the Hospital Disaster Plan exercise, it was aimed to be more resilient and prepared for disasters, to prevent panic and chaos after emergencies and disasters, to minimise the problems that may arise, to determine the duties of the Incident Management Team and to see its approach to emergencies, to determine the unit personnel and their duties and to see their implementation. Hospital Management Team, Health Services in Disasters Unit Observer, Bursa Uludag University Rectorate Disaster Unit and Emergency Service, health personnel and administrative staff of our hospital, SHMYO Anaesthesia Department students participated in the table-top and field drills.

The desk and field earthquake and turquoise code drills were carried out with the active participation of the Hospital Management and the Incident Management Team (IMT), and a successful drill was carried out by the Incident Management Team.

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