Laboratory services are provided in the following areas.

Emergency Laboratory
Allergy Laboratory - (Paediatrics)
Angio Laboratory - (Cardiology)
Bacteriology Laboratory - (Microbiology)
Skills Laboratory - (Family Medicine)
Biochemistry Central Laboratory
Dr. Raşit Durusoy Blood Centre
DLCO Laboratory - (Chest Diseases)
DOPLER - (Neurology)
EEG Laboratory - (Neurology)
Elisa Laboratory
EMG - (Neurology)
Pharmacology Laboratory
Fısh Laboratory (Medical Genetics)
Physiology Laboratory (Physiology)
Haematology Laboratory
Immunology Laboratory
Blood Gas Laboratory
Cancer Genetics Laboratory (Medical Biology)
Mycology Laboratory
Microbiology Emergency Laboratory
Molecular Genetics Laboratory (Medical Biology)
Molecular Laboratory - (Medical Genetics)
Motivity Laboratory - (Paediatric Surgery)
Nephrology Laboratory - (Paediatrics)
Audiology Laboratory - (Otorhinolaryngology)
Parasitology Laboratory
Pathology Laboratory
Puva (Skin and Venereal Diseases)
Serology Laboratory
Blood Glucose Laboratory with Stick
Medical Genetics Laboratory - (Medical Genetics)
Medical Oncology Laboratory - (Medical Oncology)
Sleep Laboratory - (Chest Diseases)