She visited her ailing grandmother in hospital wearing a wedding dress

Zeliha Uğur, 72, who came to Bursa from Kahramanmaraş to attend her granddaughter's wedding, was brought to the emergency room of our hospital after she fell ill. Granddaughter Hatice Dilara Uğur, who came on the wedding day, visited her grandmother wearing her wedding dress.


Zeliha Uğur, who came to Bursa from Kahramanmaraş a week ago to witness her grandson's happiest day, was living with her relatives. Uğur, who went to bed without any complaints on the evening of August 31, was found motionless in his bed on the morning of September 1. Zeliha Uğur, who was brought to our hospital's emergency department by ambulance, was first hospitalized in the intensive care unit due to loss of strength and speech impairment; When her condition was stable, she was taken to the Neurology Clinic. Granddaughter Hatice Dilara Uğur, whose wedding was on September 8, also came to the hospital with her wedding dress to see her grandmother and kiss her hand.



Hatice Dilara Uğur, who visited her grandmother who is hospitalized in the Neurology Clinic of our hospital, could not hold back her tears. Granddaughter Uğur said that she had her wedding tonight and that all the preparations had been completed weeks ago; "My grandmother came from Kahramanmaraş to be with me on this happy day. On the morning of September 1, she got sick and we took her to the hospital. We had completed all our preparations and invited everyone. Such an event happened to us, but it would have been very difficult to postpone the wedding. That's why I wanted to see my grandmother and kiss her hand. We will have our wedding in the evening. One side of us will be bitter. Our biggest gift will be her recovery and regaining her health. I hope she will come when she will be discharged and I will personally take my grandmother out."



Mehmet Uğur, who never left his wife's side for a moment, stated that they were also earthquake victims; "We were there during the big earthquake on February 6. We had just recovered from the pain of the earthquake. We came to Bursa for our granddaughter's wedding. Here, too, such an event happened to us. We pray for my wife's recovery. We especially asked our grandson not to cancel the wedding, life goes on. Their happiness will ease our pain too. Hopefully, my husband will recover and we will leave behind the difficult days as a family. We thank everyone who helped us. When my husband recovers, we will take him out of here with my grandson. May Allah show us those days," he said.

BUU Hospital officials also informed that they are closely monitoring the patient's health condition and that the patient is not in life-threatening condition and will continue to be treated.


As BUU Hospital, we wish our patient Zeliha Uğur and her relatives a speedy recovery and wish happiness to her granddaughter Hatice Dilara Uğur.

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