About Our Hospital

Bursa Uludag University Hospital was established as a Health Practice and Research Center with the approval letter of the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education (dated August 19, 1982 and numbered 82/216) in accordance with paragraph d-2 of Article 7 of Law No. 2547. Our hospital provides health services for the public and conducts scientific research with the applications of associate, undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute of Health Sciences and Vocational School of Health Services.

The hospital buildings consist of A, B, C blocks. Block A contains polyclinics, imaging units and radiation oncology; Block B contains clinics; and Block C contains emergency rooms, intensive care units, delivery rooms and operating rooms. The Disaster Hospital Building was completed in 2010 and serves as the Ophthalmology unit in Block D. In 2015, with the addition of the Pediatric Hematology Oncology service building, the total indoor usage area reached 165,543.00 m2.

In our hospital, 44 medical units with 38 sub-units continue health services together with education and research activities. The academic medical staff consists of 179 Professors, 71 Associate Professors, 17 Assistant Professors, 38 Lecturers, 784 Research Assistants, totaling 1089 people. With 2621 people as nurses, technicians, dieticians, physiotherapists, auxiliary health personnel and other administrative staff, we provide services to our patients with modern diagnosis and treatment units with advanced medical technologies.

In our center, which combines 24-hour emergency health services and has advanced medical practices, outpatient services are provided to an average of 6000 patients per day. Our hospital provides inpatient treatment for an average of 37,000 patients per year, with a capacity of 904 clinical and intensive care beds.

In our liver, kidney, heart and pediatric-adult bone marrow transplant units, transplantation procedures of our patients are carried out meticulously and successfully.